Pleased with my rhinoplasty

"very pleased with the results"

I’ve had rhinoplasty and breast lipofilling done by Mr. Bakker on the 30th of May 2018. My nose was already cute and I wanted only small changes. I think that when you start with a pretty nose, there are good chances to be disappointed with the results. When the nose has a big defect, it seems to me easier to correct it nicely. I have trusted Dr. Bakker from the first day I’ve met him for some reason. I had read many reviews on him, among which one very negative, but when I met him I was immediately convinced.

I was a bit disappointed about his availability after the operation. I understand that he performs many operations per week and for him it is a routine. For me it was the first time and I would have liked more empathy.

The nurses and assistants of the surgeon were all very nice with me. Very professional and friendly.

It has now been three weeks and a half and I am very pleased with the results. Dr. Bakker managed to achieve everything I wanted on my nose and on my breast. It is still early to see the end results, my nose is still quite swollen, but I can see he has done a good job.

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